Say Goodbye to Anxiety and Fear.

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What is Zafrine

D-Cycloserine (DCS), the active compound in Zafrine, has been clinically proven to reduce, and in some cases, eradicate fears and anxiety with as little as two treatments.*
Zafrine is over-the-counter (OTC), with no need for a prescription.

Professor Michael Davis, Emory University speaking about positive results of patients taking DCS

How Does it work?

Zafrine, targets NMDA receptors in the Amygdala, which is directly associated with conditioned fear. It enhances the NMDA glutamate receptor function by stimulating its high-affinity glycine binding site. By impairing these neurotransmitters, fear and anxiety are eliminated.

D-Cycloserine is clinically proven.

Clinically Proven

NMDA receptor impairment

Zafrine is long lasting

Long lasting

In some cases, treatment last over 5 weeks

Zafrine is effective after 2 to 7 treatments

Simple and Effective

Effective after 2 to 7 treatments

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